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What’s next for Supermarkets? Woolies unveils next generation store, the first of it’s kind!

If you’ve been overseas recently, you would have noticed how supermarkets are evolving and becoming more of a marketplace with fresh fruit, a bakery section, extensive organic ranges and even their own cafes inside! Woolworths has opened one of its first next generation stores in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, applying the ‘marketplace’ feel in the new Warringah [read more]

Have you seen the new changes to Officeworks? They’re expanding their product mix!

Do you live around Melbourne, in particular close to Fitzroy? If you do, it may be worth stepping into your local Officeworks following their significant product expansion, mixing up their existing merchandise to appeal to different customer groups. The Fitzroy Officeworks has undergone an overhaul to expand its offering across a variety of categories including [read more]

Coles News

You wouldn’t steal clothing, or even a loaf of bread. So why put your kilo worth of cherries as oranges? Coles self- serve checkouts are due to get a major overhaul.

Have you ever slipped through an extra avocado or put through your more expensive fruit as a cheaper alternative? Well this is soon to be over, NSW police and supermarkets warn. NSW Coles retailers are starting a crackdown on petty theft, with the retailer saying it’s sick of customers who lie about what’s in their [read more]

Have You Heard of Moji Edit? It’s a Great New App Developed by Two Aussie Twins And is Already Dominating in Sales!

Twin sisters Colina and Hripsime Demirdjian, aged 24 are the two faces behind the popular new App Moji Edit. With absolutely no experience in technology, programming or app creation the twin sisters saw a gap in the market, where they took a gamble that has turned into a huge success. Launching Moji Edit only a [read more]


Stylerunner Opens a Concept Pop-Up Shop In The Heart Of Paddington

What comes to mind when you think of an activewear store? Do you have visions of: Exclusive products, a dedicated team of stylists, a personalisation bar, VIP events and a healthy food and drinks bar? Either did we, until  Stylerunner created a pop-up store with all of the above and loads more called Stylerunner LIT! Stylerunner is [read more]

Nespresso recycling satchel

Nespresso Partners with Australia Post, Introducing a New Coffee Pod Recycling Program

A coffee-sipping George Clooney asks ‘ How far will you go for a coffee?’ in a Nespresso television commercial, however it’s a question coffee pod drinkers of all brands should ask themselves with over 28 billion coffee capsules being used yearly and counting. Nespresso has partnered with Australia Post, introducing a new program aimed at making [read more]

Schedugram Blog Post

Have you heard of Schedugram? Let’s talk about the missing Instagram feature worth $3 million.

Ever noticed how Instagram doesn’t allow you to schedule posts, like Facebook does? Well Melbourne- based entrepreneur Hugh Stephens noticed, and has managed to create a $3 million start-up to solve this problem! Stephens has used Instagrams ‘missing’ feature as his opportunity to create a niche start-up called ‘Schedugram,’ which posts content on behalf of [read more]

Aussie Farmers Direct have launched a new online supermarket, The General Store, giving consumers more choice to shop local!

Are you sick and tried of the price wars between Coles and Woolworths? You’re certainly not alone, and Aussie Farmers Direct have definitely been paying attention! Aussie Farmers Direct (AFD) have recently launched The General Store, an online-only supermarket stocking popular brands at crazy low prices, with some bulk value lines not available in current supermarkets. The [read more]


Sydney startup Canva releases new design iPhone app leading them to become one of the biggest design companies in the world

Heard of Canva? They are a Sydney start-up company who’ve developed and built a design platform, with loads of free designs and layouts. After 18 months of hard work, perseverance and testing they have finally launched an iPhone app, allowing users to use Canva on the go! Up until this point Canva was available on [read more]