How to Make Pokemon Go Work For Your Business

Pokemon GoBy now you’ve probably heard of the augmented- virtual reality game that is Pokemon Go, in which player move throughout the real world in search for virtual creatures.

At first glance, this game may seem trivial to your business, but now retailers nationwide are gearing up to embrace the Pokemon Go craze.

Having launched in July 2016, Pokemon Go is fast becoming one of the most successful gaming apps yet, appealing to almost all age groups and skill- level. Because the game is geographically based, retailers are able to attract players to their shops and hopefully convert them into paying customers.

Retailers, Shopping Centres and Markets are likely to take advantage of this craze by creating a Pokemon character for an individual shop, centre or location. Poke stops are buildings or places of note around the city, where players can pick up some extra Poke Balls and potions. Poke stops are generally businesses, or nearby to businesses.

It’s part of the “phygital,” business which brings technology to a building. Over recent years shopping has become more about the experience and how technology can be integrated for a faster and more personalised experience. Pokemon Go gives retailers the opportunity to interact with players and potentially convert them into customers. If a Poke Stop is right by your business, then chances are you’ll have players dropping by regularly, who may have never known about your business.

While it’s only been over a month since the launch of Pokemon Go, it’s already a multi-million dollar business. There are estimations being made that the game is bringing in more than $1.2 million per day for Nintendo and the creators.

Pokemon Go is something all retailers should be aware of, especially if you’re looking to drive sales. This game brings hundreds of opportunities to your business, bringing all sorts of demographics together whom all have different needs and wants.

So our next question is, how will you use Pokemon Go in your business?


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