Nespresso Partners with Australia Post, Introducing a New Coffee Pod Recycling Program

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A coffee-sipping George Clooney asks ‘ How far will you go for a coffee?’ in a Nespresso television commercial, however it’s a question coffee pod drinkers of all brands should ask themselves with over 28 billion coffee capsules being used yearly and counting.

Nespresso has partnered with Australia Post, introducing a new program aimed at making it easier for consumers to recycle the Nespresso coffee pods. Currently the pods are made from aluminium and not a biodegradable material, making them un-recyclable in Australia.

Nespresso has copped substantial criticism about the use of aluminium in their coffee pods, as the single-serve pods create a massive amount of unnecessary waste and cannot be recycled through Australia’s curbside recycling bin program.

Nespresso used pods

With over 3 million coffee pods used daily in Australia, Nespresso’s partnership with Australia Post will help to combat the criticism and environmental damages. Nespresso is launching a specially designed post satchel, which consumers can use to return their used capsules to the company for recycling.

Nespresso recycling satchel

The leak-proof satchels retail for $1.90 and can hold about 130 capsules, with paid postage by Nespresso. The satchels can be found at your local post office, the Nespresso website and all Nespresso stores.

Other coffee pod manufacturers have worked to create biodegradable coffee pods, however Nespresso has stood by its use of aluminium.“Unlike most other portioned coffee products, our coffee capsules are made from aluminium, a material that is infinitely recyclable,” said Loïc Réthoré, General Manager of Nespresso Australia and Oceania, in a statement.

Prior to this new program, Nespresso customers could return their used capsules to any of Nespresso’s 18 stores, but this limited the return and recycling of the pods, as there are only 18 stores Australia-wide.

The partnership with Australia Post will greatly expand this network across Australia Post’s 4,000-odd post offices and 15,000 street post boxes.

While this is a huge step forward for Nespresso and their recycling program, customers will still need to be motivated to go out and buy the satchel as well as post it every month. This program shows great initiative from Nespresso, but in the next few years it would be great to see biodegradable capsules being used.


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