Nike Sydney chooses Osipos CRM

NikeSydney- Osipos RMS POS // Jet Support
When Chris and Paul from the Nike Sydney crew setup their Run Club a few years ago they had no idea that it would be such a huge success. With their generosity of giving each runner a free t-shirt and hosting organised runs the events quickly grew from a few initial trailblazers to hundreds of runners turning up at their Westfield Sydney store each Monday night.

Wondering how to make the most of this great thing, Chris and Paul turned to Jet Support and Osipos to help them design a way to track who is running each week and to integrate that information into their already sophisticated Osipos CRM system. Showing barcoded VIP Run Club badges, runners now get scanned upon arrival and run miles are recorded and logged in Osipos. Points may be awarded to regular runners and promotions can be tailored and sent to as many or as few as required all from within Osipos.

In today’s challenging retail conditions you need to be in constant communication with your customers and Osipos CRM has been designed to make it easy. From email marketing campaigns to instant text messages Osipos CRM let’s you target the right customers ensuring you get the best possible results from your marketing dollars.

For more about Osipos Retail Management and the Osipos CRM feature, contact the Jet Support team on 02 8999 8820.

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