Revel announces Labour Forecasting feature


By Jasmine O'Donoghue. Originally published online at - 19.8.14

Revel Systems has announced the introduction of a Labour Forecasting feature to assist businesses in accurately predicting staffing costs.

The feature, available through Revel’s iPad POS solution, allows owners and managers to forecast employees’ labour costs against the percentage of expected sales, enabling organisations to plan staffing schedules that maximise business profitability and efficiency.

For local customers, the Labour Forecasting feature will add further functionality to the existing Revel iPad POS systems, especially when coupled with the Intelligent Reporting feature.

With just a few calculations and sales figures, Revel customers can set up labour forecasting in a couple of steps. Once a labour cost percentage goal has been established – such as 26 per cent of total revenue – users simply need to enter daily forecasted sales figures and Revel will calculate whether the business is meeting its labour goal.

As a cloud-based system, Revel allows business owners and managers to access real-time sales data from anywhere, any time. Users can open an app on their iPhone and check live sales figures, or even the number of open tables in their restaurant. Now, users will be able to track labour costs versus incoming sales to see if it’s worth staying open for the evening or calling in an extra staff member.

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