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Sailors Thai @ The Ivy Sydney - Revel iPad POS - Jet Support

We just received this amazing letter from Jason Tait, owner of legendary Sydney restaurant Sailors Thai. Thanks Jason, great to be partnered with you!

Dear Josh

I want to thank you and your team for helping us find a way out of what could have been a major disaster with our previous POS system and, in the process, making a significant improvement to the way our restaurant operates.

As you know, I’ve been working in IT for more than 20 years so when it came time to choose a new POS, I knew that a cloud-based solution was the only way to go. We don’t have the time or expertise to maintain a server and, because I’m not in the restaurant all day, being able to access our key systems from anywhere is essential. On top of everything, the cost of using off-the-shelf hardware such as iPads is significantly lower than other touch screens.

So I went searching for a hosted solution. Surprisingly there weren’t many to choose from and, at the time, Revel was not yet available in Australia. So I chose a local product to sit on our counters and it proved to be a huge mistake. From the beginning the system didn’t work properly. Orders would sometimes not print in the kitchen, items would disappear from the tables, and the tills never balanced. My team lost confidence in the POS and in me. The final straw came one Friday night just before service when the whole thing went down and their “CEO” told me they couldn’t fix it and we should go back to manual dockets. It was chaos.

Right about that time, Revel was just rolling out in Australia so the timing was perfect. You came to see me a few days later and it was apparent to me, right from the start, that Revel was the product we should have been using all along. You dropped everything to get us installed the next day – the type of service I didn’t think existed any more – and literally only a few hours later we were up and running with Revel.

From day one our experience with Revel has been overwhelmingly positive. The system is incredibly robust, reliable and is so easy to use that staff training is virtually unnecessary. If we need assistance the Revel support team is always on hand and is very fast to respond, even on Saturday nights or Sunday mornings! Having a cloud based back office means that I can know how the venues are performing and run a detailed analysis live from wherever I am day and night. Because Revel is a native iPad app (not merely a browser solution), the robust design of Revel ensures that the system is virtually unaffected even if the internet goes down. The cloud based back end also allows me to add new menu items, change prices, schedule and maintain staff and check inventory levels all from any web browser.

Revel’s ease of use and superior design has helped us become more efficient, offer better service and have a greater understanding of our business. We are now able to focus on serving customers instead of worrying about our POS. That’s the way it should be.

Yours Sincerely, Jason Tait – Owner, Sailors Thai

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