Sydney startup Canva releases new design iPhone app leading them to become one of the biggest design companies in the world

Canva launch iPhone design app

Heard of Canva?

They are a Sydney start-up company who’ve developed and built a design platform, with loads of free designs and layouts.

After 18 months of hard work, perseverance and testing they have finally launched an iPhone app, allowing users to use Canva on the go!

Up until this point Canva was available on desktop, laptop and iPads only, but as of July Canva created an iPhone app, allowing it’s users to create designs on the go, and through their iPhones.

As dominant as social media is, Canva founders realised quickly that users wanted an app that they could design social media material on and then upload it directly.

Co-founders Cameron Adam, Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht launched Canva in 2007, and since introducing the Canva iPad app, it alone has two million users. There user rate will continue to rise with the launch of the iPhone app.

“iPhones are increasingly outselling iPads at five times the rate, so it was those figures that lead us to the creation and development of a unique iPhone app” says co-founder Cameron Adams.

It is to our advantage that tech companies like Canva are paying attention and making an app based on customer feedback, especially since they have 10 million user worldwide and software now in over seven new languages.

Mr Adams says “This idea grew from our understanding of our customers and how they want to better use Canva. Through customer feedback we saw there were a large amount of users asking for a mobile platform.”

Canva is fast becoming one of the biggest design companies in the world, with thousands of new users each day. The iPhone app is just another way Canva is enhancing in their customer experience on their platform.

Watch this space, as I’m sure they’ve got even bigger and better projects in the works!

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