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Coles News

You wouldn’t steal clothing, or even a loaf of bread. So why put your kilo worth of cherries as oranges? Coles self- serve checkouts are due to get a major overhaul.

Have you ever slipped through an extra avocado or put through your more expensive fruit as a cheaper alternative? Well this is soon to be over, NSW police and supermarkets warn. NSW Coles retailers are starting a crackdown on petty theft, with the retailer saying it’s sick of customers who lie about what’s in their [read more]

Aussie Farmers Direct have launched a new online supermarket, The General Store, giving consumers more choice to shop local!

Are you sick and tried of the price wars between Coles and Woolworths? You’re certainly not alone, and Aussie Farmers Direct have definitely been paying attention! Aussie Farmers Direct (AFD) have recently launched The General Store, an online-only supermarket stocking popular brands at crazy low prices, with some bulk value lines not available in current supermarkets. The [read more]