Yogurt World Weighs up the Benefits of Revel iPad POS

Yogurt World - Revel iPad POS - Jet Support

The recently launched Yogurt World chain have chosen Revel iPad POS for their Point of Sale System. With stores already open and operating through the height of summer in Mooloolaba QLD and Westfield Sydney, the Revel iPad POS system has been put through its paces with the delicious self-serve frozen yogurt concept proving to be very popular.

How it works

Customers grab a cup, then make their way to the bank of flavours (try the coconut) and can have as much or as little as they want. They then go to the toppings bar and add anything from chocolate to gummy bears to fresh fruit. When finished, they make their way to the front counter and place their cup on the scales. The Yogurt World staff member simply taps the iPad (running the Revel system) and the tight integration between the scales and Revel then displays the weighed amount and total on the iPad, and also on a customer facing iPod Touch.

Revel completes the transaction in a matter of seconds, and its on to the next customer. How’s that for minimising service times!

Integrated Scales & Eftpos

Revel iPad POS is the only iPad Point of Sale system on the market to feature integrated scales and Eftpos. To see how Revel can speed up your service and maximise your profitability please contact us today.

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